Conversational Spanish with Josefina Koenig, 8 classes

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Conversational Spanish Lessons
(Beginner to Intermediate)

The lessons focus on oral communication skills. From the very first session, class time focuses on building confidence in your Spanish language skills through speaking and interacting with your classmates in authentic and realistic scenarios. Learn pronunciation, expressions, and vocabulary that allow you to communicate in everyday situations involving travel, food, shopping, family and business. Study in an interactive and relaxed atmosphere.

The class is suitable for students who want to learn more about the Spanish language and are interested in travelling to Spanish-speaking countries.

Hours:  Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 7:30pm
Location: Brentwood Bay Village Empourium
Dates: October 12th to November 30th, 2022 (8 weeks)

Come prepared to speak some Spanish and Josefina will bring Latino America to the classroom! Refreshments will be provided.



Josefina Koenig is a native Spanish speaker, she was born in Puebla, Mexico. Josefina has spent half of her life living here in Canada and the other half in Mexico, so she understands what it’s like to learn a new language and believes that practice is the key to mastering it.

Josefina has taught her native language to friends and students of all ages. She enjoys teaching Spanish and loves sharing her Mexican culture in every class. Including topics about travel, cuisine and Mexican traditions such as “Dia de Los Muertos”.
Her passion is teaching Spanish in a way that is creative, fun and meaningful to everyday life.

Josefina enjoys spending time outdoors, travelling and Bailando (dancing).