Original Art by Monique Froehler

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These artworks are whimsical pieces using the simple cup as a basis to begin. Over the summer, I participated in an artist’s challenge where we were asked to make a cup per prompt inspired by Women Artists in History. It was a great way to learn about some artists that have gone by undetected and to look at their way of working. It pushed me to try colours and ideas I might not have tried otherwise.

These were made as the works on paper. Looking at artists from history is not only inspiring but it made me realize that we all share a common experience which transcends time. At some time, all artists will have a cup of tea or coffee in the studio with them and each one will accidentally dip their paintbrush in their cup mistaking it for their water jar. Happens every time!

My canvas paintings are made up of some of my favourite things that go with a mug of coffee or tea. I love how many different cups are out there and we all have our own favourite. These paintings are a reminder to you to enjoy the simple things in life. Clichéd but true

- Monique Froehler