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Learn and Colour the Pacific Northeast

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Product Overview

Learn and Colour the Northeast Pacific is an educational colouring book featuring the charismatic, mysterious, and ecologically important creatures of the Northeast Pacific.

Created by local artist Ricky Belanger, this colouring book takes readers on a journey through four of our region’s most prominent marine ecosystems!

Scenes in this colouring book are all inspired by my own local photographs, which I then digitally trace and assemble to capture natural behaviours and habitats as faithfully as possible. The soothing nature of the sea and the therapy of colouring creates an immersive experience that both residents and visitors of the Pacific Northwest can use to express their love for our ocean.

Pages are formatted for a landscape, 11”x8” layout; several pages are drawn in an 8”x11” portrait format to keep things fresh. A coil binding allows artists to colour each page without having to hold open the book. Each of the 24 colouring sheets is paired with information and colourable fun facts on the opposite page.