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Level Ground® Organic Tea

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Nine small-scale tea growers in Assam, India are growing tea organically and processing their own tea and their garden sites. Their organic gardens are a haven for birds and microorganisms and their entrepreneurship is inspiring.

BLACK: Full-flavoured, traditional black tea. Orthodox black tea with a malty body and rich, red colour. Ready to drink clear or brew it strong to drink with milk and sugar.

EARL GREY: Golden and full-flavoured. A classic cup of Earl Grey made with our orthodox black tea and oil of bergamot. 

GREEN: Sweet green tea with a smooth finish. This green tea is a rare find. Assam green has notes of honey in the cup.

CHAI: An easy favourite to serve your friends and family. The chai tea blend pops with sweet flavours of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger. Drink it clear or with a splash of milk.